Despatch Cloud is a market-leading innovator in multi-channel warehouse management with a core focus on e-commerce. Having more than ten years of experience working with third-party logistics and e-commerce sellers, we know what matters to businesses with a warehouse operation.

Despatch Cloud, in fact, shares facilities with a group of companies encompassing a 250,000 sqft warehouse based in the market town of Driffield, East Yorkshire where Despatch Cloud gets to see on a day to day basis the challenges faced in this continually evolving arena. Having access to such a warehouse means Despatch Cloud can run live tests of our new innovations in real-time to make sure they are fit for purpose as well as using the facility as a showcase of our platform.

Shipper from Despatch Cloud was developed on the back of client feedback for a trimmed down version of our software with the number one request being that they did not require stock control. We have built so many integrations with couriers and sales channels that we decided to offer this new product, originally called DC Lite and later renamed to Shipper.

Shipper is a plug and play system allowing customers of any size that are just interested in getting shipping labels with many carriers from many channels produced quickly. We have leveraged our tried and tested platform to create something that is simple to use and offers incredible flexibility.

We built Shipper around 3 core principles:

  1. Integrations - they needed to be plentiful
  2. Ease of use - the system must be easy to use and quick to set up
  3. Flexibility - we wanted each customer to be able to customise their setup

We have integrations with over 40 couriers and sales channels including much coveted integration with Royal Mail and Amazon Shipping (SWA) as well as integrations to all of the market leading sales channels.

The system has been designed to be easy with things like presets service for carriers to allow quick addition advanced shipping rules to remove guess work and a clean dashboard showing you exactly where your orders are in the packing process.

Many systems can be rigid and only work in one way, but when we designed Shipper we wanted you to have the chance to customise. You can change the colours and the logo of your own login page and dashboard as well as having customisable changes like what status your CSV import should default to and how often you want us to check your sales channels for new orders. There are so many choices you can make to set up Shipper just the way you want it.

As a company, we are always working hard to develop new relationships with couriers and sales channels so that we can offer you more. We try to add at least one new integration per month and up to April 2020, we have already added 4 this year. So, if you don't see the courier you need, please let us know as we might already be working on it.

Do you have questions? Contact us today and we will help clear all the question marks on your mind.